Saturday, 24 August 2013

Looking for solicitor or lawyer to help you with a personal injury claim or other legal matter? Then here are 3 vital things to do before you decide on one

Whether you're looking to make a personal injury claim, claim for a car accident or any other legal assistance then you need to be very careful which law firm you decide to use for your claim.

Here are 3 vital things to do before you decide to spend your hard earned cash.

1. Make sure you choose an established  solicitor or lawyer.

There are lots of solicitors that will promise you the world and give you a price that sounds too good to be true. It usually is. A great way of checking how established a business is, is to check if they are listed under the 'Solicitors' classification of the Yellow Pages.

The Yellow pages vet businesses and perform credit checks on any lawyer or solicitor that wants to advertise so you know whatever solicitor you find in there can be trusted. It also costs to be in the 'Solicitor' classification of the yellow pages book these days so if a company is paying and in there, then you know they are serious about putting their customers at ease because they know that the old saying "If you not in the Yellow Pages, then you're not in business" still rings true.

2. Check out the Solicitors website for examples of their work & customer testimonials.

Seeing is believing. Most serious businesses have a website now so they can showcase their work and allow potential customers to see what their existing customer think about them.
This information is perfect for deciding on a solicitor to handle your personal injury claim. You should be able to see before and after pictures of jobs similar to the work you need done.

Reading customer testimonials are a must before you make a decision. They will allow you to set realistic expectations for dealing with the lawyer you choose. 

3. If you've been recommended a good Lawyer or Solicitor by a friend or family member. Go check out the work.

If they have had a personal injury claim handled ask them can you see the paperwork. Inspect the work yourself and ask them questions about their experience.

Some  legal companies can even arrange for you to go see some of their existing customers work to get an idea of what they can do. It's always worth asking if this is possible, it's a big decision when it comes to choosing a solicitor company to  deal with your legal requirements.